TROIAREUKE 4 Ampoule Kit (4pcs * 5ml)

TROIAREUKE's ampoules are a bestseller in Asia because they are so convenient and versatile. You get 4 different ampoules because our skin's needs change every day. Nutrition, sleep, stress, environment - all these things affect the way your skin looks and what it needs. You can add a few drops to your moisturizer, toner, face mask or simply mix them according to you individual skin needs.

Green: Anti-trouble Formula Ampoule with Kava Kava extract, improving cell immunity, detoxifying the skin cells

Red: Cell Repair Formula Ampoule with Anthocyanin, energizing and perfect for anti-aging, boosts the micro circulation and has a high amount of vitamin A. Helps skin cell activation and improves skin rejuvenating process. Can be used as eye cream. 

Yellow: Mela-C Formula Ampoule with Ellagic Acid (pomegranate extract), reduces toxin and purifies the skin with a natural brightening effect.

Blue: Akne-C Formula Ampoule with green tea catechin, anti-inflammatory effect, controls sebum and provides a very strong moisturizing effect, minimizes the heat stress of the skin and cools down the the temperature of skin cells. 

Recommended for: all skin types

Editors' tips on combining the ampoules for various needs:

Dehydration and hyperpigmentation: mix green and yellow

Dehydration and aged skin: mix green and red

Dehydration and acne skin: mix green and blue

Hyperpigmentation and aged skin: mix yellow and red

Hyperpigmentation and excessive sebum production: mix yellow and blue

Aged, acne skin and excessive sebum production: mix blue and red

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