iUNIK Beta-Glucan Power Moisture Serum 50ml

Once in while... a unicorn appears and proves you that fairytale creatures exist. Have you ever heard of a product containing only 1 ingredient? Sure, you might have believed that such a thing might exist somewhere, somehow but have you actually ever heard of one? Well, here is your unicorn in terms of beauty products. A serum made of only 1 ingredient: β-Glucan! This natural polymer saccharide extracted from cell walls of mushrooms holds 20% more moisture than hyaluronic acid. It improves your skin barrier, provides moisture without being sticky and improves your skin's elasticity while calming your skin. 

Recommended for: all skin types

Skin concerns: moisture, nutrition, dead skin cell removal

Star ingredients: 100% Beta-Glucan

How to use:

Apply on cleansed and toned skin. You can either use the serum on the entire face or on affected areas.


 100% Beta-Glucan

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