GLOWRIOUS Cleanse And Hydrate Duo For Oily Skin

Powerful cleansing with clay and enzyme power meets ultra light hydration from a cactus stem extract based esssence - a love story for oily skin. 

Cleanser ▷ Cleansing can turn into pesky business if you have oily and dry areas on your face at the same time. How do you thoroughly cleanse without stripping your skin? This cleanser provides daily mild exfoliation and deep cleansing without the harsh abrasives. The perfect blend of kaolin clay, enzyme powder and pearl extract dissolves keratin layers, blackheads and revitalizes your skin while maintaining a healthy moisture level with sea daffodil extract and ceramide.

NO Sodium Laureth Sulfate

NO Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 

Essence ▷ You know things are getting really good when you spot cactus stem extract as the first ingredient on the list. This essence is packed with hydrating and nourishing ingredients to fight dehydration and boost your glow game. Prickly pear seed oil, yerba mate, ceramide 3, cooling peppermint extract, hyaluronic acid, quinoa seed extract, chinese plum fruit extract, acai berry - this essence is filled with anti-oxidants and wont leave your skin feeling greasy.

Recommended for: combination, oily and normal skin types

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