ARIUL 7 Days Mask Set (7 pcs)

Make each day of the week a feast for your skin. 

Monday  Kickstart with a burst of hydration! Bamboo water's essential amino acids and minerals deeply hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and moisturised.

Tuesday  Calming & soothing - Aloe pampers and soothes your complexion while boosting your skin's defense, resulting in smoother and healthier comploexion.

Wednesday  Make it bounce! Pomegranate's own estrogen, minerals and vitamins combined deliver the perfect blend of nutrients for more bouncy, firm and glowing skin. 

Thursday  Tea Tree Thursday! Tea Tree extract naturally reduces sebum and purifies skin. It gently calms and keeps your skin clear and fresh.

Friday  Ready for the weekend? Avocado is packed with vital nutrients which provide a natural moisturising effect, keeping your skin hydrated and nourished.

Saturday  Brightening & Smoothing - Get rif od excess sebum and rough skin with the brightening effect of lemon and vitamin B3.

Sunday  Bring the balance back! Green Tea's natural caffeine and abudant vitamins dissolve dead skin's protein cells and sebum for a smoother complexion a balanced oil and moisture level. 

How to use:

Apply after cleansing and toning your skin. Remove after 15-25 minutes and pat the remaining essence until fully absorbed.

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