REVIEW: Mad Matte Lipstick by CLIO

by Virgina F. August 17, 2017

REVIEW: Mad Matte Lipstick by CLIO

You are dazzling up for a date, you are putting on your favorite dress and a fierce cat eye-liner. Meow! But which lipstick should you wear? It'd best be one that's moisturizing, doesn't bleed out and stays on your lips even when you smooch a little, right? 

No worries, I just happen to know which lipstick suits your needs best for this or any occasion really. Have you ever heard of the amazing Mad Matte lippies by CLIO? Lemme tell you a little bit about their amazing formulas!

The recent trend in the make-up world towards matte lippies has been ubiquitous for almost four years now, peaking at the end of 2015, and you know what? I hate it. Not because I don't like matte lipsticks but because my lips turned into a crusty mess whenever I tried a matte lipstick. Most of the time they didn't wear off and looked beautiful but at the end of the day my lips were preparing a funeral for themselves because they were dying for some hydration. No amount of preparing helped and hey, do you always want to give your lips a spa day before you wear a lipstick? I don't think so.

I like my colors cold and opaque with little to no warm hues. I'm a total lipstick girl but a lot of lipsticks posed a lot of inconvenience to me rather than acting as an accessory to my make-up. I don't like reapplying too much nor do I like it when it wears of when I sweat a lot or talk all day. I don't mind reapplying after eating something. 
I soon began to move away from bold colors, sticking to colors closer to my own lip-color because if they wore off or bled out, it wouldn't be as noticeable. Let me just tell you I love really dark lipsticks or a lush bloody red lipstick. So my tiny heart was a bit sad. 

My perfect lipstick would be one I can apply on the go without much preparation and that supports me throughout the day like a good sports-bra. Also price is an important aspect to me because I love having a big variety of colors. (Yes, you can find variety in subtle red tones duh.) So I never even bothered to buy a high-end product, I firmly believe you can find an excellent lipstick without spending a fortune. I'm cheap af you know, ask my boyfriend. 

So one day, my very good friend Azraëlle recommended the CLIO Mad Matte Lipsticks to me, she also choose the perfect color match because she's a divine make-up artist. Believe me, she assesses peoples skin tones as a hobby. 

I've seen her using it before and as she is a trained make-up artist I never thought I'd be able to apply and wear it as perfectly as she does. Not a bit of it was true! 


CLIOs overall color-palette for the Mad Matte Lipstick is built around natural color tones, reds and browns. It ranges from a juicy red tone to a very soft peachy hue. I think there's a color for everyone in this palette to choose from.

It's not too expensive, it retails for 13.90 at our shop. It's also small and sleek, which I like because I always carry around five different lipsticks. One for every occasion, because you never know when you need to stab someone wearing a fierce lipstick. I chose the color Russet Rose. Well, Azraëlle did, but I trust her judgement completely. Russet Rose is a mauve tone with cold undertones, very close to my natural lip color. 

I normally wear a slightly tinted moisturizing lipstick throughout my day. So I was a bit sceptical if it was for me because it's a darker color and a matte Lipstick. *shivers* 

It smells slightly sweet but not pungent at all. Application is made easy with a flattened round top with a slight angle. It glides onto your lips and is completely opaque.
It may need some touch ups here and there for a more even application but if you peel and moisturize your lips before you apply no touch ups are needed. 

It wears matte and its velvety texture is addicting. I think one of the best things about this lipstick is that it's not a dry-down formula, it stays creamy and moist ALL DAY. It's definitely not a lipstick that bleeds into your little lip-wrinkles. The CLIO Mad Matte Lipstick stays and stays and stays and stays, kinda like a pimple on your nose, but in a good way, you wouldn't want to get rid of it ever again. 

It's also very lightweight, I sometimes forget I'm wearing it. I don't have to worry about an overly oily formula that is moved off my lips by a baby hair and my lips stay hydrated all day, every day. 

I do recommend peeling your lips before you apply your lipstick, it does help evenness and elongates wear time. This, depending on your level of laziness, could be a minus-point. 
It is also not kiss-proof. It does come off, but why not leave your marks on beautiful people?

If you are into bold and bright colors, this may not be your first choice. Nevertheless they serve as a very good everyday lipstick serving subtle but opaque colors. 

I would definitely buy the lipstick again and I'm excited to try the other shades as well!

Release your glow!


Virgina F.
Virgina F.


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