REVIEW: J.ONE Hana Cream

by Azraëlle I. July 17, 2017

REVIEW: J.ONE Hana Cream

A pearl a day… Keeps the wrinkles away. Beauty enthusiasts probably need no introduction when it comes to J.ONE. Korean drama addicts even less, cause the silver screen goddess Ji-won Ha was the one who helped creating this line in order to optimise her beauty routine according to her busy lifestyle. A brand with outstanding multi-tasking products was born.


For those of you who don’t know the actress... that’s the beautiful woman with glowrious skin on the picture. You may lift your jaw again now. Thank you. 

My review today will focus on the Hana Cream, though I’d like to mention that after trying the full J.ONE line, I noticed that one of this brand’s speciality is firming and smoothing out the skin texture as each and every product is a declaration of war towards gravity and delivered an immediate lifting effect.

The most notable and obvious thing about this face cream is how it is dosed. Instead of your regular moisturizer in a jar J.ONE decided to deliver you pearls. The dosage issue is hereby forever solved as one pearl is enough to cover your face and neck. This might probably be the reason for the name, as ‘hana’ means ‘one’ in Korean.

If you ever happened to listen or watch an interview with Ji-won, you know her personal approach and preference in terms of beauty. She likes it simple and natural, so it comes as no surprise that the Hana cream doesn’t contain any:

  • mineral oils
  • parabenes
  • sulfates
  • synthetic fragrance
  • synthetic colour

What it does contain are plenty of proteins and peptides. Meaning? This is the ambulance for your skin.

Who is is recommended for?

If your skin lacks elasticity and intense moisture, this is the one for you as it combats fine lines caused by dryness, dull complexion and loss of firmness. Normal, dry and even combination skin types will love this. If you are a combination skin type with rather oily than drier skin, you might want to skip this and try the J.ONE Jelly Cream instead, as the Hana Cream is very rich.


Just like every other J.ONE product I tried the Hana Cream performed superb in terms of firming. Another great thing is that it kept my skin hydrated during the entire day. On days when my skin is really dry, some moisturiser don’t last the entire day and leave my skin looking patchy around afternoon. The Hana Cream didn’t let me down. Due to the infused fullerenes you get that bouncy mochi-like skin I love so much.

Personally, I prefer using these pearls of goodness during colder seasons on a daily basis when my skin is drier. However, I like to have a jar around even now in July when bad skin days hit me (when I didn’t have enough sleep or drink enough) and I need a skin ambulance. The capsule shape of the cream makes this incredibly convenient and travel friendly (I have that crushing paranoia a product might spill in my purse when travelling). What’s also worth mentioning is the price… Bear in mind that Hana Cream is an anti-aging moisturizer after all and we all know anti-aging prices vary from your first born to unicorn blood and 399 baby kittens and gold bars so it’s nice to spot an affordable and effective anti-aging cream once in a while.

All in all: a lovely firming anti-aging moisturizer for normal and drier skin types that doesn’t clog pores.

What do you guys think of the pearl concept? Did you know Ji-won Ha? Let us know in the comment section below. 

Release your glow! 


Azraëlle I.
Azraëlle I.


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