Basics of glow - Vitamin C

by Virgina F. September 19, 2017 5 Comments

Basics of glow - Vitamin C

Vitamin C: Sweet lemonade for your skin

This is not gonna be one of those cool reviews, sorry to burst your bubble. In this post I would like to show you how to use a vitamin C serum correctly and how to maximize it's amazing properties. Don’t roll your eyes, it’s very easy and with some background knowledge you can be a know-it-all and lecture your friends.

There’s just a few things you need to think of when using a Vitamin C Serum. Are your first tiny lines about to appear? Red spots, scars and discoloration drive you insane? You want your birth-face back? Well, me too. I’ve found a very good combat companion against premature ageing in Vitamin C serums. Vitamin C is, as you may still remember from school, an antioxidant. It combats those free radicals and stabs those skin cells in their butt so they produce collagen. Vitamin C is essential for your body, and it possesses  quite pleasant side-effects for your skin too. No, please don’t rub lemon slices on your face.

What is vitamin C exactly?

Vitamin C, also known as l-ascorbic acid, simply ascorbic acid or sometimes ascorbate, is an essential vitamin found in food. Vitamin C is an crucial supplement in the repair of your skin, and if you happen to have scurvy, it’s used as treatment against it.

Mom is right when she tells you to eat all those vegetables, you know...

Secondly, if you happen to be a human or a guinea pig, you cannot make your own Vitamin C from glucose, you need to ingest it through your diet. As mentioned above, it plays a vital part in collagen synthesizing. Collagen is present in almost every tissue in our body, from head to toe, collagen is everywhere. It plays an important role in regenerating other antioxidants such as Vitamin E.

It makes you beautiful inside and out.

The exact cell chemistry is very complicated, let’s just say Vitamin C helps Vitamin E a whole lot fighting for the protection of your cell.
Both Vitamin C and Vitamin E protect your cells from free radicals (molecules with an unshared electrons). You can imagine free radicals like tiny snotty children in a china store, they want to touch EVERYTHING and RUN EVERYWHERE, but then, there comes the super-couple Vitamin C and Vitamin E and tell those snotty brats to sit down. Nothing is touched, nothing is harmed, day saved. So that’s why I love myself some good Vitamin C Serum on my ‘china doll’ skin.

What is it good for? How does it help? Lemonade?

You may remember from biology that the thing that makes our skin firm and bouncy is collagen. Collagen is, as I mentioned, abundant in our skin but as we age and environmental impacts strain our beautiful appearance, and our cells aren’t as busy anymore producing it.

Just a side note. Please don’t drink your serum, it’s way too expensive. Vitamin C helps with many things in our skin:
  • Slows the production of melanin (aka ageing spots, hormonal spots etc.)
  • Encourages collagen development and helps in synthesizing
  • Soothes skin after sunburn
  • Lines and wrinkles appear lightened
  • Helps UVA(destroys collagen)/UVB(causes sunburn) protection (It is NOT a sunscreen, always use sunscreen,k)
  • Helps healing and combats infection in your skin
  • It can be used everywhere on your body.
  • It helps retain moisture in your skin
When buying a vitamin C serum, you want to be sure to buy one that it contains l-ascorbic acid, since this, one of many forms of vitamin c, is the most potent one. The pH-level should be 3.5 and the concentration no higher than 20%. Higher concentrations may irritate your skin more than it helps. If you happen to have one containing vitamin e as well, it boosts the UV-protection even more, even if vitamin e is only in minor percentages contained, it improves performance of vitamin c by upto 8 folds. As stated above, vitamin c on it’s own is not potent enough to act as a sunscreen, not even together with vitamin e, so maximum protection comes from those three bbfs, sunscreen, vit c AND vit e. Don’t forget,k?


Tell me senpai, how do I use the miraculous lemon water?

Just wash your face and apply on a not completely dry face to ease application. If you apply too much, it may oxidize on your skin and leave you with orangey brownish blotchy skin. If you feel really uncomfortable leaving it on your skin throughout the day, you can let it sit on your face for 25 min (at least) and remove the excess with a cotton pad.
Application routines should always be from thinnest to thickest.

There’s a few don’ts when it comes to Vitamin C serums too:

  • Don’t mix it with other acids (AHA, BHA), your skin might be too sensitive to handle it all.
  • Don’t use it if you had a microderm peeling done, or any harsh peeling for that matter. Your skin might be overly sensitive after you’ve done a harsh chemical peel - My suggestion is to wait at least 8 days after a chemical peel before using vitamin c serums again.
  • Also, if you’ve peeled your face with any peeling containing even low level of acids, you might experience bumps and red patches since your natural skin fatty-barrier might be temporarily ‘down’. 
  • I recommend using the product in the evening, because if you happen to forget to apply sunscreen, you may end up with those ominous dark patches from oxidation. Yes, vitamin c can act as an oxidizer too.
  • Speaking of oxidizing; don’t leave the bottle open, don’t store it in a bright place. It will oxidize and turn yellow. Discard of it as soon as it turns to a solid yellow. It’s not necessarily going to harm your skin, it just lost it’s potency.
  • If you feel like it’s not working and it is giving you break-outs etc. it might be because you over-exfoliate. Tone down on exfoliating and it may lead to a change.

First time users might feel a stinging sensation or a slight redness of the skin. For all matters it should be bearable and not make you feel like you want to rip off your skins’ face. If it burns too much and leaves you in serious pain, please refrain from using it and switch to a less potent formula. Klairs formula ‘only’ contains 5% l-ascorbic acid, which is, compared to many other products very low in concentration. I personally recommend it for everyone trying vitamin c serum for the first time. You can always build up the concentration of your serum if you feel like it isn’t doing it’s designated job. Also, vitamin c can be ‘stored’ inside your skin for up to 72 hours, hence I recommend application every 2-3 days, depending on environmental exposure.

It might take weeks before you see any significant changes, especially if your aim is to lighten acne scars. I’ve seen fast results because my skin loves skin care products but not me. It’s cheating on me all the time, you know.
I’ve relatively soon noticed that tiny red pimples don’t stand a chance against a good dose of vit c serum. Also that annoying redness in the crease of your nose is a thing of the past if you use your serum regularly. I have a lot and I mean a lot, of discoloration on my chin and neck area due to my hypertrychosis. I have very thin and sensitive skin and hairs grow-in fairly easy and very frequently, also usually in the same spots, which leads to infection, which leads to scarring, which can become hyperpigmented. I have a 5 o’clock shadow consisting of scars. My life is a mess. But vitamin c is nice, it donates its electrons to neutralize those nasty free radicals.

My holy grail

I’ve been using the KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop for a long time now and I’m quite pleased how my scars have faded, not a 100% but to an amount where I don’t feel uncomfortable anymore when talking to someone face to face.

I have fine lines on my front head because I love to raise my brows. Their texture has improved so much that I almost feel like they are gone.
As I never or rarely wear foundation, it’s a big concern to me how my skin looks, and I feel like my hard work paid off quite well, it’s more unified, radiant and bouncy (lol).
I used the serum in combination with the Centella Blemish Ampoule by COSRX. It worked really well.
What I especially love about the KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Serum is that it doesn’t smell like a goddamn perfume store. You know about my non-existing love for smelly garbage products. I love the warm feeling it gives me as soon as I apply it and as I only use it in the evening I never have problems with blotchy skin or residue build ups.

I hope this was somewhat helpful to understand the way Vitamin C serums work in general and how to use them. 

Release your glow!


Virgina F.
Virgina F.


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February 10, 2018

Hi Kim :)

We recommend mixing a drop with the eye cream before application rather than putting the Vitamin C directly on the eye area,

Hope we could help.

Kindest regards,
Your Glowrious Team


February 07, 2018

Thanks a lot for this post. Can I also use the Vitamin C in the eye area since I look like a panda? Of course following with Eye Cream :)


October 20, 2017

i am so stoked to try this but it is already sold out… hope you restock soon glowrious


September 28, 2017

thank you for sharing these tips. didn’t know vit e increases the effect of vit c


September 21, 2017

Great read! can you guys do a review about retinol? thank you!

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