All about pores || Fact or fiction?

by Azraëlle I. January 06, 2018 4 Comments

All about pores || Fact or fiction?

I am super happy to finally start this topic as it concerns many of us and I am sure pretty much everyone has once tried one or the other pore care product. So let’s get straight to the point: you want to know how to get rid of them? Keep reading to find out how.

Let me just say this once: pores are great. They are our biological A/C system and moisturize our skin. But let’s face it: The first thing most of us associate with the word “pore” are congested or enlarged pores. Not a pleasant thing eh….

And yet… the pore topic is shrouded in mystery - nearly as much as the Loch Ness Monster.

So let’s unravel some of those mysteries and bring light to the dark. In fact… let’s play the “Beyond Belief: fact or fiction” – Glowrious edition game. I will quote some of the commonly known pore wisdoms and you have to guess if it’s true or false. And at the end of each guessing game you will get our editors’ tips.

Let’s start with an evergreen: “Pores open and close.”

False. This open and close thing might be the case with the gate ¾ to the Hogwarts express but it is not happening with pores as they do not have muscles to make this process possible. Though steam treatments can ease the extraction process of blackheads the reason is not because the steam “opens” the pores but simply that the sebum and gunk inside the pores gets softer due to heat and is easier to extract.

“You can shrink your pores permanently”

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is simply not true either. The size of your pores is a genetically generated matter and well… remains the size of your pores. However that’s no reason to feel frustrated as there are many things you can do in order to make your pores look smaller. And of course: there are many gadgets to make your complexion temporary poreless. And last but not least: Pores are nothing else but sweat ducts or hair follicles. Those little hair follicles are small gateways for your body hair and your skin’s oils, that nourish and protect your skin. It only gets troublesome when your skin starts producing too much sebum and dead skin cells block your pores… that’s when pores get congested and are very visible.

The solution: Keep your pores clean because that’s how you make them look smaller which makes a huge difference. Apart from a proper double cleanse (Really now, it’s important. No matter how tired you are… always premove your make-up properly.) pore maintenance is the superpower of Betahydroxy Acid (BHA) and clay masks.


Quite a few of our beauty editors are struggling with enlarged pores and believe us when we say we tested many many MANY products on the market (including a lot of rubbish) until we selected out top of the pores. Roger, one of our editors actually once said: “As soon as I see the word ‘pore’ written on a product it awakens my interest and I just gotta try it. I’m like… the poremaster of Glowrious and pore care is a big topic of mine.”

Our pore care routine: Luckily, there are many good clay masks out there. Our unbeatable favourite is the ACSEN Pore Control Mask because it doesn’t only detox, cool down and purify your skin – it helps restore and strengthen your skin with infused calcium. Follow with the COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid right after the clay mask. This essence will penetrate into your pores and cleanse them from the inside out. This wont shrink your pores permanently but the difference clean pores can make is huge, as they will appear much smaller and your skin texture will be more refined.

“These black dots are blackheads”

Not necessarily. Sebum and dead skin cells can congest the pores and lead to blackheads, but not all the dots are blackheads. What you see is often nothing else but oxidized sebum. It is basically the same thing that happens when you cut an apple and leave it on a plate. The apple also turns darker due to oxidation.

“Sweat develops in the pores”

Wrong. It’s the sweat glands that produce the sweat. Pores are merely… I guess you can calll them gateways where the sweat comes through because they are connected with the eccrine sweat glands. But sweat can indeed clog the pores if it remains on the skin surface.

Solution: Cleanse your face before and after your workout. SON&PARK Beauty Water is perfect for this purpose as it cleanses and mildly exfoliates the skin. The convenient 60ml bottle is perfect for any gym purse.

“Pore strips are the best method to get rid of blackheads.”

Aah, the satisfaction of pore strips. It’s yucky yet fascinating to remove them and look at all that gunk that came out. If you should have any pore strips left, do yourself a favour and toss them away. Why though? Because this satisfying method is very damaging to your skin. It does no good to your pores and can actually make the matter worse. But you’ll get rid of that strawberry nose, don’t worry.

Here is how: Instead of using the harsh pore strips try using a comedo remover. It’s a safe and gentle way of extracting the blackheads and very effective. Spray some sanitising spray on the comedo remover before and after every use and gently press on cleansed skin. 

We love the 10-week Beauty Nose Pack from SKINMISO! One box contains 10 sheets for weekly use. The first step is a nose mask packed with an essence which prepares your skin for the blackhead removal and makes them come out easier. Step 2 is a cotton swab for gentle extraction of the blackheads. Yes, popping the blackheads is part of this. If you already own a comedo remover, you can extract the blackheads with your tool instead of a cotton swab. Wash your nose after extracting the blackheads and apply the step 3 serum which calms your skin and regulates the sebum secretion. That’s it!

«Sunbathing will make the pores smaller»

Wrong! UV-rays invade your skin’s bottom layer and attack the collagen which keeps your skin firm and bouncy. A loss of collagen and elasticity means your pores lose their fundament too and appear larger.

Solution: Never leave your house without sun screen and boost your collagen production. But how? Vitamin C serums such as KLAIRS Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drops or serums containing Vitamin A aka retinol like the MISSHA Time Revolution Science Activator Ampoule are true collagen boosters! Vitamin C is an antioxidant and combats free radicals while repairing your skin and fighting hyperpigmentation. Vitamin A is not only known to reduce rosacea but also keeps the sebum production and hyperpigmentation at bay. Aud yes, you guessed it - Vitamin A strenghtens your skin's outer layer while stimulating the production of collagen

«Ageing affects the size of your pores.»

So sad. So true. In fact, it is not the pore size itself that changes but rather the fact that our collagen production decreases as we age, making our skin less firm and the pores more visible.

Solution: Again -> Vitamin C and A – they keep your skin bouncy and firm.

«That’s all nice but I have a real pore emergency and need immediate effects!”

We feel you. Especially the menstrual cycle can be a true buzzkill as it affects the hormones and makes the pores appear larger. Here are our Sailor Pore Warriors. They stand for small pores. They stand for justice. And in the name of the glowy skin they will help you.

SKINMISO Pore Corset Serum: As the name already gives away this serum tightens your pores like a corset while witch hazel and green tea extract keep the sebum production at bay.

A primer is another blessing on such SOS-days. Our star and bestseller is the J.ONE Jelly Pack, a mask and primer hybrid. It immediately firms your skin while pampering it with botanical extracts such as Niacinamide, Damask Rose Flower Water, Rosemary Leaf Water, Chamomile Flower Water and Fermented Black Tea. Huge plus: It doesn’t contain parabens, mineral oil, phthalates or synthetic colours or fragrance.

And of course – our beauty filter for real life: ETUDE HOUSE Face Blur. This primer might look cute in it’s baby pink box, but don’t let that fool you. The skin refining effects are immediate and your make-up application will go a lot smoother.

Phew.. that was a long read, wasn’t it? Guess we could insert a cheesy line about facts and fiction but we’ll just leave it there and share one last fact with you: Equipped with all this information you not only understand the cause of big pores but also have the knowledge which options and results lie within the bounds of possibility.


Ready, steady… GLOW!

Azraëlle I.
Azraëlle I.


4 Responses

Paulene B
Paulene B

January 18, 2018

Ever since I started using the clay mask and bha method and my skin looks so much better. You guys rock!


January 09, 2018

Great post! Can you recommend a make-up for pore minimizing?

Cathy W.
Cathy W.

January 07, 2018

Hi! The myth about pores opening and closing like doors has to be one of the most stubborn ones. I work as a beautician and this is something I have to explain on a daily basis. (︶︿︶)


January 06, 2018

Never in my life did I think I’d read about Beyond Belief and K-beauty in one post lol
I remember Miss V mentioning you being a make-up artist. Love your pictures and I will take your hint and apply face gems on my pores and make them look fabulous

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